Somni Snore Guard WORKS!

SOMNI Helps 80% of Snoring Sufferers

Reviewer :Andrew Erdnase

Review : I have had some success for my snoring with the Somni Snore Guard. It's a convenient and cheap way of reducing snoring. It also reduces bad breath. There has been some research into the use of the somni snore guard and it does seem to be effective for those whose snoring comes from mouth breathing. I have read a BBC news story which suggested that the success might have been exagerated but I've heard that they are very popular and seem to be effective as a means of preventing snoring.

In effect it works just like a gum guard. It forces the wearer to breath through their nose instead of their mouth. There are a variety of ways of achieving this but, as I said, the Somni Snore Guard seems to be one of the more effective treatments and preventative measures.

Reviewer : Rv

Review : Forget all the sprays and strips, this works brilliantly.

Reviewer : Catherine

Review : I have tried various types of snore guards, but find this to be the best one.
I used it together with a C-PAP machine, as my husband still thinks I snore a lot. But the snore guard definitely helps! 

Reviewer : Joyce Dalgliesh

Review : I have had a severe snoring problem for many years and have never found a solution to it until I bought a snore guard about six weeks ago. Initially I felt selfconcious wearing it but I have persevered and now I sleep better - don't feel so sluggish when I wake up - my snoring is at a minimum and my husband no longer complains that I snore too much. How ever I do have to use breathe right strips in conjuction with the snore guard because my nasal passages are narrow in places, an additional problem, which sometimes causes me to have slight breathing difficulties whilst sleeping. In conclusion I think the snore guard is the best idea I have ever come across that appears to assist with snoring problems and that is why I would have no hesitation in giving it a high rating score and recommending it to others.

Reviewer : Ivan Parry

Review : I am just about to order my third Somni Snore Guard. I use it in conjunction with the Nozovent nasal dilator. How I wish I had discovered these items years ago. My wife wishes the same! She has peaceful nights now. But more than that, they have actually improved my quality of sleep, and I wake each morning feeling more refreshed than I ever did in the past. 

Reviewer : P.S

Review : Much more comfortable than I thought it would be. I only had to set it once and that was a perfect fit. I am amazed that it not only prevents my mouth from dropping open but also brings my lower jaw forward. I wasn't sure if I should have bought the larger Mandibilar advancement products, but my dentist made one up for me (before I found this site) at great expense and it was awful. 

Reviewer : Sarah

Review : I snore - my boyfriend lies awake! I got a snore guard about 6 months ago - and it's great - you get used to it really quickly and it definitely stops snoring. It also squeaks - which my boyfriend thinks is cute - so it's always a happy event putting it in before bed and squeaking goodnight to him! 

Reviewer : Steve, San Diego, California,

Review : Buy The Somni Snore Guard is GREAT! 100% effective the first night. After years of using other oral devices and the associated pain I thank my God for your device! I wish more of us poor buggers in the United States would this - better sleep, better relationship with our spouses!

Reviewer : Dr A. Courie, South Africa

Review : When we arrived at our weekend cottage, I found I had left my Snore Guard behind. My wife drove 100 kilometres back home to fetch it.! I regularly prescribe the device to my patients

Reviewer : Dr T. Hoggan, USA

Review : I am amazed at how well the device seems to work. You appear to have a winner

Reviewer : B. Johnson, USA

Review : Its great!! My wife says my snoring has quietened down 90%. She is also sleeping much better, so thanks!!

Reviewer: M. Letowt, South Africa,
Review : It is not often in these days of gimmicks that a simple yet effective solution appears on the market. Your product is the first real solution to the snoring problem simple, easy to use and it really works

Reviewer : Peter Thorburn, South Africa,
Review : I have found the use of your Snore Guard absolutely fantastic and cannot recommend it strongly enough to anybody who has the problem that I have




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